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Good Thing He’s Not in Human Relations

Twice in a week, who can believe it? Pete Hoekstra (CD 2) puts his foot in mouth again, insisting on the right of God-fearin’ Americans to launch insults. Even if it is counter-productive to the War on Terror.

The Bush administration advises officials to avoid the use of certain words when describing terrorism, saying the terms are inappropriate and counter-productive. But four members of the Michigan congressional delegation want to ban federal funds for initiatives that prohibit the use of the words, like “jihadist” and “Islamist.”

. . .

Regardless, U.S. Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland, offered an amendment last week to the 2009 Intelligence Authorization Act that would ban financing for any restriction on such words.

This is a pander bordering on stupidity. Where is that Michigan-educated, marketer-mind?

Talk about an easy set-up for Fred Johnson.


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