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Running on Empty

Well, there’s a reason we haven’t seen a lot of T J Carnegie, an early favorite of the Grand Rapids Press: he’s running on empty. The financial statement released this morning reveal a campaign that has raised $10,025 (with another fundraiser past the filing date). The books also show expenses of $9999.89, with in-kind expenditures of $650. Ouch! $25 in the account?

Even if one assumes this campaign will find the money to run an ad or a mailing, they are woefully out-gunned considering that Dan Tietema reported $5,000 in cash reserves, and dark horse Michael Burdo had $15,000 on hand.

Reading through the details of Carnegie’s expenditures gives some of the grim details: over-expenditure on some items, and too many meals charged to the campaign — all the tell-tale marks of a newcomer to politics. The burn-rate is the give away. At the very least, candidates advance money (this is what Burdo did to $15,000 — and how much money does he have left?). Of course, some money and expenses are kept off the table, but without cash on hand it looks as if the Carnegie people don’t have the plan to sew it up on Tuesday.

And while we’re at it, where are the Dutch?

Reading through the donor lists, you will look high and low for the usual crew of Dutch Republicans. (Doesn’t any body know the address of Raybrook?) As noted yesterday, we have three campaigns that really are independent of this community and its political network. There are a couple of names on Carnegie’s donor list that know more about this network, especially Ginny Seyferth. Between her and the Chamber he should have had made a better connection.

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