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Making the most of Right to Life

You can’t battle for the Michigan State House District 75 without confronting Right to Life. The sizeable Dutch, Catholic, and Black communities make this issue. It’s just that Republican candidate Dan Tietema stepped up rather early in a recent postcard:

What many of you don’t know is that Dean almost lost (the Right to Life) endorsement for failing to show any leadership or initiative in advancing the Pro-life message, and for refusing to stand up against his Pro Choice Democratic friends.

Hard criticism, although the positioning yourself as the presumptive choice is politically smart. But what comes next kind of takes the cake:

It’s unfortunate that our most cherished beliefs don’t come as naturally to Mr. Dean as they do for us.

I really like that “for us” part. That pretty much summarizes the difficulties with any Right to Life campaign. Once we make it into Us v. Them, then of course we come to immediate righteous clarity. Yet being pro-life is far more than a few simple votes, or checking off the right box on a form. This naturally frustrates Tietema to no end; he complains on the card that Dean received the endorsement “on some technicality.” (More than a few Dems have muttered the same thing. Dan’s not alone)

I would submit that the test of pro-life lies more in how that concern permeates other parts of legislative agenda. Caring for the weak and the innocent certainly doesn’t stop at birth. This is the position that motivates Carol Hennessy, Brandon Dillon, Dave LaGrand, and yes, Rev. Robert Dean.

After the fold is the postcard.

I especially like the flags.

I especially like the flags.

And who can resist the opportunity to show your support for both Dan and for life with a sign. The marketer in me loves appeals like that.


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  1. DemEdge says:

    I especially like the fact that he doesn’t seem to know what district he is running in. Check-out the bottom of the flyer under his name, he thinks he is running in the 57th district. Doesn’t this ass-clown have a proof-reader????????????

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