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Two Million Dollars Richer

No, it’s not Wall Street. The student count for GRPS yesterday showed a decline of only 600, not the 900 expected. So instead of losing $6.75 million, the schools lose $4.2 million. Although a hit, practically this means less of a budgeted loss. Or two million dollars back in the budget.

In that, there’s a vote of confidence. The growth in enrollment in the core city schools (Congress, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy) suggest a commitment by parents. It may be because of short term razzle-dazzle, or from longer term wooing, but the fact remains that the schools are earning some trust.

Politically, that trust reinforces the administration in the teacher stand-off. Voting with your feet, your children is a powerful tool here.

With that “vote,” also comes a responsibility and promise. It is not just the promise made at the start of every school year, but a promise that the image of change projected by GRPS is becoming a reality. On that, the jury is still out.

But for now, the money in the budget is a plus.


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