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Young gun

In the wake of the Tucson shootings, it is rather expected that we should hear of calls for increased regulation of firearms. The proposed legislation is modest, limit the size of ammunition clip. The reactions in the local press are more interesting, not least that of our congressman, Justin Amash.

“The senseless killings in Tucson should not be used as a political tool to impinge upon our constitutional rights.”

Entirely predictable.  Amash has always styled himself as a man of principle. if the principle espoused here is less that of the Constitution than of its peculiar libertarian interpretation.  And to judge from the comments at MLive, on the ground, the big issue seems mostly to be that of convenience  — you don’t have to reload as often when target shooting.  Hardly the stuff of the Founding Fathers.

As the Press also noted

Police chiefs from around the nation pushed to retain the assault weapons ban, but their voices were drowned out by a more potent lobbying effort by the National Rifle Association.

Rep. Amash represents a mixed district: rural, suburban and a large urban area.  In this last, in the city, the questions of violence and guns , as well as a host of other issues carry a weight far different than they do in his hometown of Cascade Township.  He’s a young gun.  The challenge ahead will be how to be a representative of all the district, how to be sensitive to the legitimate concerns of urban police, as well as the police of political correctness there on K Street.


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