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The Things They Do

No analysis this evening, but in passing two items today certainly caught my attention.

First there was the continuing puzzlement over Peter Hoekstra. Now campaigning with . . . Herman Cain? This, to prove that he’s not a racist. I suppose it works, but this seems so tone deaf. Again, it seems to be a conscious play for the Tea Party. A move to the sectarian right may make a sort of sense for the GOP nomination, but even here it smacks more of weakness than of self-assuredness.

Of course, self-assuredness has not been a problem with Justin Amash. On the Facebook feed he proudly announces that he voted against the payroll tax cut. Oh, really? Again there is much to admire in the actions from principle, but it is something of a free vote on two points. First, the Third is a fairly safe district (underscore the word “fairly”, as this could change), and second, Amash’s own circumstances leave him reasonably immune to the impact of the legislation. It is always easier to stand for principle when it is some one else’s money at risk.


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