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Goei, Goei, gone?

An interesting phone survey landed yesterday, asking about the 76th: Democrat-turned-Republican? Winnie? Allard? Write in for Bing Goei?

Bing Goei? From comments at MLive, it sounds as if he has made noises about running as a write-in alternative.While no news announcement has been made, the phone poll certainly suggests that some one is considering his (re)entry as possible and perhaps even probable. Did Bing get enough votes to jump in? Time will tell.

But then again, time’s fleeting. The window to enter, to run a real write-in campaign is rather narrow. The longer Goei postpones his decision, the harder it will be to gain any traction other than that of the base. And conservative as the 76th is drawn, the base is not big enough to win.

Still one can understand the temptation, what with the prospect of charges against our Democrat-turned-Republican (and now friend of the Hiring Class), there does seem to be some room over on the conservative side for a write-in. Or there would be were it not for Keith Allard. Allard has shown that he has a fair amount of political guts, first showing up as an “appointee of Governor Granholm” in the initial WZZM story, and even into the primary not citing any of his pro-life creds, even if one might infer it from his graduation from Catholic Central. In the last weeks, his stand has turned progressively to the right, running Facebook ads that proclaim him as a fiscal conservative and pro-life.

So, for the record, Bing has a job cut out for him. Allard seizes the right leaving Bing with the establishment GOP. Split vote. As infuriating as the election rigging shenanigans are, there does not seem to be any room for a moderate Republican.

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