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Opportunity Knocked

In one sense, it was the least surprising news of the day.
Speaker of the House, Rep. John Boehner removed West Michigan’s own Justin Amash from membership on the House Budget committee. The move represents a lost opportunity to both Amash and the West Michigan community.

The business of crafting budgets is a function of power. Amash had the opportunity to serve on perhaps the singularly most important committee in the House. His initial position was a testimony to his promise, but it was a promise that does come at a cost, the surrender of ideals for the messier work of governance. A deal must be done, and really, there’s no sense in giving a dissenter, even an up-and-coming member the megaphone. Especially if the same person is being trumpeted as the true heir of the libertarian wing of the GOP.

And while Amash’s idealism served an important role in his first term, rallying young Republicans and serving as a foil to the President, that day is over. His is the prophet’s reward: the wilderness.

Unfortunately in this journey to the wilderness, he takes the region with him. The gift of the seat on the Budget committee was a gift to W Michigan and its civic leadership; the idealistic stances of Amash that prevented him from taking up the work of governance may have kept him pure, but the deprived this community of opportunity. And that’s to every one’s loss.



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