Where politics and faith dance in the shadow of the windmill.


For 25 years I’ve been dodging the blades of the windmill, trying to keep my balance, and asking, “can anything good come from the Dutch?”

There’s an essay here, and some day I’ll post it. Until then I keep slinging words and ideas for clients and the occasional campaign.

So here is a story instead
(originally for posting on West Michigan Rising):

Back in 1987, we ran a special election for State Senate: Vern Ehlers v. Steve Monsma.  I was a precinct challenger at Buchanan school in 1987 – this was before the great Hispanic immigration a decade later.  The neighborhood was mixed, and like now, mostly working poor.  So I sat there checking off the names and noticing who came out to vote: the young mothers with their babies, the elderly, the guys off work, and a few with ties.  At once, all those old civics lessons snapped into place: watching people care enough to vote wiped that cynical smile off my face. This was what we were fighting for, this is why it mattered.  We’re in it to give people a voice, and a choice for the better.  The impact of that election 20 years ago has not yet ceased.  That’s why I write.

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