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Ed Golder Declares War on the Poor

I suppose we should be thankful that the Press is finally beginning to take the deficit seriously. Yet to judge by the front page editorial, we shouldn’t get our hopes too much.

Ed Golder wants to be a reasonable man, someone asking for a well-meant bipartisan approach to the deficit.  A pressing issue that must be addressed, a time for mutual sacrifice, and so forth. And to judge by the essay, it is a sacrifice to be borne solely by program cuts.  Really? Even though most economists recognize that we cannot cut our way to economic success.

Alas, Golder is drinking from the font of Republican foolishness here.

And to be clear, the sacrifices entailed shall come at the expense of the poor and their opportunities.  To turn a blind eye to the trillion dollar tax advantage handed the very, very rich, while asking for the poor and middle class to do with less represents little more than the transfer of financial benefit form one class to the other.  The middle class will  have less in their pay check in order that the exceptionally fortunate may have more.

A better path for Golder and The Grand Rapid Press would be to name names.  This will ask them to be sharper about what is going on, and not listen to the local conservative whisperers.  When the GOP imagines that its proposed repeal of ACA law comes at no expense to the deficit (CBO estimates place it at close to a 230 million charge), or that tax advantaging the wealthy will pay for itself — these are precisely the fiscal foolishness that should be called out.  At least by any one who professes concern about budgetary responsibility.

but oh, would he at least acknowledge that one cannot cut on

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